Do you really sail?

The Schooner Clearwater is a traditionally rigged staysail schooner.  The advantage of a staysail schooner is that it is easily handled by a small crew, is self-tacking and has many sail configurations to adapt to changing wind conditions.  Our Captain and crew take great pride in sailing her and sailing well.

Is this a narrated tour?

We do not have a set script for our Captain and crew to read.  They love getting to know their passengers and enjoy discussing everything from sailing to marine life and local restaurants.

Where do we go?

Since our objective is sailing we do not have a set course, it depends on the wind, tides, weather and current at the time of your excursion. Every trip is unique!

Do you have beverages available on the boat?

Yes, we serve chilled flavored sparkling water in cans on board. If you wish to bring a bottle of Wine, or a couple of cans of beer or soft drinks, we will ice them down for you upon checkin. We do have a corkscrew available for your convenience and disposable biodegradable cups too ;)

Is the boat safe?

The Schooner Clearwater is a " U. S. Coast Guard Certified and Inspected" vessel.  This means every year the Coast Guard inspects our vessel from the hull to the rigging and everything in between.  They count our life jackets, check expiration dates on our emergency flares and test our Captains and crew on man overboard drills. Look for our very important USCG COI sticker we proudly display onboard.

Do you have a bathroom onboard?

Yes, we have a large, clean "marine head" bathroom located below deck.  The access is down a steep set of stairs similar to a large ladder. We advise our guests to use the onshore facilities before boarding. Our marine head is there in case of an emergency.

What if I have to cancel my trip?

We have limited seating onboard the Schooner Clearwater, so when you make your reservation your seat is saved for you. Because of this we have a 24 hour cancellation policy.

You may cancel your tickets at least 24 hours before your sail for a full refund. Your tickets are valid only for your scheduled date and time. You may schedule a different date and time if you make your change 24 hours in advance. Once inside the 24 hour period, we will refund tickets only if we cancel the sail because of weather. There are no refunds if you miss your sail. 

Do you sail in inclement weather?

We will not sail in heavy rain, thick fog, high winds, thunder and lightning etc. However, we will sail in overcast conditions, light to medium fog and in intermittent sprinkles. In the interest of safety, the final decision to sail resides with the Captain and Crew and may be made up until departure time. If you’ve purchased a ticket and do not show up, and the boat sails, your ticket is not refundable and non transferrable.