A Classic Old School Type Vessel Making Waves in a Modern World


Built: Clearwater Florida 2016
Length Overall: 52’
Beam: 15’ 06”
Weight: 45,000 lbs.
Draft: 6’
Hull & Deck: Steel
Ballast: 10,500 lbs.
Sail Area: 1048 sq. ft.

"SCHOONER CLEARWATER” is a staysail schooner constructed of steel. The advantage of a staysail schooner is that it is easily handled by a small crew, is self-tacking and has many sail configurations to adapt to changing wind conditions.

Where roads and railroads were non-existent and streams blocked the passage of land vehicles, these fine coastal schooners provided transport that made development possible in the coastal South.

The SCHOONER CLEARWATER"  was hand constructed, equipped and rigged over a 4 year period near downtown Clearwater Florida. She was modified and designed by a well-known local Naval Architect with the day charter trade in mind. She was commissioned November 2016, and United States Coast Guard Certified and Inspected(COI) June 2017.

CLEARWATER” is a uniquely designed Gulf of Mexico coastal sailing vessel